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  Price Listing

  Gopher Glass
  Randy Thistle
  203 Richard Avenue N
  Bemidji, MN  56601
  (218) 766-1697

Tanks          starting at $250

We carry all types of tanks. Most tanks are available in either vintage style filler neck and chrome cap or Billit aluminum thread on neck and cap. Multi cylinder two strokes must use aluminum cap. If you don't find what your looking for here on the internet site, call us and ask us directly.

Designs for: 
XR 100, XR70 an other Mini BikesKnight
Star RacerTrackMaster
ChampionHarley XR750
Yamaha TTYamaha SR500

Seats          starting at $75
Immediately available in many sizes and styles.

Designs for: 
ChampionHarley early 70's-80's
Vintage Style

Klotz Fabric Filter Oil          

  15.25 oz$10

Fuel Filters          

  Red or Blue 5/16" aluminum fuel filters with a cleanable filter stone$15


  AF1 - 2 3/4"3"2 3/4"fits small bell carbs like RD 350$20
  AF2 - 4"3 3/4"2"fits 34mm round slides$20
  AF3 - 5"4"2 5/8"angledfits 40mm round slides$20
  AF4 - 3"3 1/4"2 7/16"fits modern FCR carbs and 38mm round & flat slides$20
  AF5 - 8"3 1/2"2 7/16"fits modern 450 cars and injected and 38mm round & flat slides$20

Tell Tale Tachometer          $70
Know how many RPMs you're turning!

  - High RPM Readout
  - Maintain maximum engine efficiency
  - Very Easy Installation, simple one wire hookup
  - Programmable Firing Patterns
  - Maxtach (maximum RPM recall)
  - Maxtach clear (can zero for next reading)
  - Quick Alligator clip hookup or permanent mount (all included)
  - Quartz accuracy & LCD display